Business Driven Technology

The Technology You Choose
Should be Dictated by Your Business Needs

There are companies out there whose branding depends on utilizing the latest, cutting edge technologies. But, most companies just require a technology solution to meet a business need. They don't need the lastest and greatest technology; they need something that works for their business as well as their budget.

Although Merkuris can satisfy either need, we specialize in working with companies who just want their business to run better. We won't sell you the latest and greatest if you don't need it. We won't tell you that you have to go with the latest, cutting edge technology. We may even tell you that you don't need our services. Unless, you do.

As a general rule, it is always more cost-effective to buy off the shelf software to support your business operations than it is to build customized software. You should only be thinking about customized software if your business is so unique that available, shrink-wrapped software doesn't adequately meet your needs or you are looking to differentiate your product through customized software. Either way, we can help make that decision and, if off the shelf software is what you need, help identify the software that best fits your business. If custom software is the right solution, we can design, build, and test it for you.

So, if you fall into the category of the company that is looking for a technology solution that is driven by a business need, contact us.